What is Orthodontics?
Orthodontics is a science that deals with the correction of crooked teeth, removal of discolorations in the teeth and jaws. A 7-year-old orthodontist should determine whether he or she needs treatment.


What are the types of orthodontic treatment?

Fixed orthodontic appliances

It is a treatment made with brackets affixed on the tooth. The brackets can be metal or porcelain. Porcelain brackets in tooth color do not cause discomfort in aesthetic appearance.

Movable orthodontic appliances

It is the apparatus that the patient can attach and remove himself. It is applied in simple cases and children.
Maxillofacial orthopedics: Correction of the distorted relations of the lower and upper jaws with special apparatus attached to the face at a young age.


How do teeth move during orthodontic treatment?
A force is applied with the brackets and wires on the tooth. A movement occurs in the direction of the force. The newly replaced teeth are placed in a new bone slot.


What are the causes of orthodontic problems?
Nutritional disorders
Breathing in the mouth
Finger Sucking
Hereditary factors

For which age group is orthodontic treatment applied?
There is no age limit for orthodontic treatments. Orthodontic treatment can be applied to everyone who has healthy bones surrounding the teeth. Treatment varies from 3 months to 30 months depending on the patient's problem and age.


What should be considered during orthodontic treatment?
Oral care is very important. A medium-soft brush should be used. Using dental floss is important for hygiene. Hard foods such as apples, carrots should be eaten by cutting. Adhesive foods, such as caramel, stick to the brackets, causing both bruises and fracture of the brackets. Orthodontic brackets are one of the best options for regulating your smile and restoring your health.